A study in ethical stress and employee retention: The case of health care organizations in Vietnam

Quynh Chi
Directeur de thèse: 
Sébastien DAMART
Baptiste CLERET
Établissement d'appartenance: 
Université Rouen Normandie
Thème 2. Cultures, Identités et Consommation
Date de soutenance: 
Jeudi 08 novembre 2018
Résultat soutenance: 
Admise au grade de docteur en sciences de gestion

There is a variety of studies examining manager roles in healthcare organizations. However, there is a lack of study sheding light on the concept of general awareness applied in management field. It is quite surprising since awareness plays an important role in various contexts that confront healthcare managers. Without accurate and complete awareness, managers are less likely to effectively perform their roles and make reasonable decisions. The main purpose of the thesis is to uncover general awareness by defining the concept in a systematic manner. Another objective is to suggest a way of considering different profiles of healthcare managers depending how they demonstrate their ability for being aware. Potential components of the concept awareness are carefully considered with reference to the studies examining the concept in other fields and some semi-structured interviews with individual managers in some hospitals in Vietnam. The results lead to the identification of four potential aspects of the concept awareness. Scales designed to access each dimension are developed and evaluated. Some expected relationships with other constructs are also explored to test the validity of the measurement tool. Finally, directions for future research on general awreness in management are discussed.