XVIII International Business and Economy Conference - Call For Papers, Proposals, and Cases

Hosting Institution: Normandie Université
IAE Rouen (Business school of the University of Rouen)
3, avenue Pasteur - Rouen - France


IBEC - International Business and Economy Conference

The International Business and Economy Conference is administrated by an executive committee and an editorial advisory board. To achieve the objective of providing a platform for intellectual discussion among scholars and practitioners, IBEC rests on the active participation of recognized scholars and institutions who voluntarily collaborate every year. Recent previous IBECS : USA (2008), India (2009), The Czech Republic (2010), Mexico (2011), USA (2012), France (2013), China (2014), Thailand (2015), Germany (2016), Chile (2017), USA (2018).

IBEC invites the submission of proposals for its 18th annual research conference to be held in Rouen, France. The objective of IBEC is to provide a forum for intellectual discussion among scholars and practitioners. We seek to provide a platform to analyze the strategic challenges faced by firms, educators, governments, and other institutions in the global arena.


The topics for IBEC include, but are not limited to: international business environment, marketing strategies, international strategy, import/export management, world markets and global competition, organizational behavior management, management philosophy, health management issues, human resources strategies, management of education, expatriate management, business education, international entry strategies, transfer of technology / knowledge, cross-cultural consumer behavior, international logistics, information systems, operations management, international finance, international accounting, intercultural management, trade policy, and FDI policy. Both practitioners and scholars are encouraged to submit company case studies.

Conference 2019 Special Features

  • Hands-on Workshop on Learning fuzzy-set
    Instructor: Arch G. Woodside, Professor of Marketing, Curtin University, Perth
  • Research Networking Session
  • Special consideration for publishing relevant papers in:
    • Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science [Print ISSN: 2163-9159 Online ISSN: 2163-9167]
    • Journal for Leadership and Instruction [Print ISSN: 2475-6032 and Online ISSN: 2475-6040]
  • Sessions may be offered in French or Spanish
  • Dedicated topic panels and session suggestions welcomed
  • Social media connections coming soon

Conference Proceedings in Social Science Research Network

Accepted papers and cases presented in the conference will be published online, at the discretion of authors, in the Social Science Research Network [Conference proceedings
with the U.S. Library of Congress, ISSN 1537-2316]. Proceedings will be published after the conference. Authors retain copyright of their works. Papers presented in Bangkok (2015), Germany (2016), Chile (2017) and San Francisco (2018) are posted in www.ssrn.com [Research network: Management / Conference and Meetings].

Refereed Submissions

You are invited to submit either an Extended Abstract or a Completed Manuscript of research papers or teaching case studies for presentation at the conference.
  • Extended abstracts: A submission should explicitly contain: 1. Background & Problem Statement; 2. Objectives; 3. Methods / Procedures; 4. [Expected or Preliminary] Results; and 5. References. Extended abstracts between 3 to 5 pages are preferred.
  • Complete papers: No specific structure is required for complete papers. We strongly recommend complete papers not to exceed 12 pages. Quantitative Papers should include full data analysis.
  • Formatting guidelines for either extended abstracts or complete papers are provided on the conference website. Follow the PROCEEDINGS GUIDELINES document. Proposals should be written in English. Submissions will be peer reviewed, acceptance being based on quality and relevance.
  • Decision notifications will be sent to authors by October 30th. Those opting for the July early acceptance will be notified by September 15.
  • Authors of accepted proposals will have up to 30 minutes (Q&A included) to present their topic in the conference.
  • Submissions should be done via the conference web site: http://www.ibec-info.org/2019/. To submit, you also need to “Register for IBEC 2019” on the website. In case you have problems registering, email your proposal to IBEC@yahoo.com. Within two days of submission you will be contacted to acknowledge your submission. If you do not hear from IBEC after two days, contact the Conference Chair or any of the Executive Committee.


Best paper awards will be given to competitive papers upon the recommendation of Editors. Outstanding papers may be considered for publication in a journal. Selected papers from IBEC China 2014 and IBEC Germany 2016 were published in the Journal of International Business and Economy (JIBE) www.i-jibe.org/, ISSN 1527-8603. This journal is published at San Francisco State University and whitelisted in Cabell’s. Selected award papers from IBEC Bangkok 2015 were published in Contaduría y Administración (C&A), a Scopus journal: www.journals.elsevier.com/contaduria. Selected marketing papers from IBEC 2018 will appear in a forthcoming issue of The Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, included in Emerging Sources Citation Index: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rgam20/current

Conference Fee Structure: France 2019

  • A Paper-Presenting Professional or Academician: USD 350 (Euro 300)
  • A Co-Author presenting a second paper: USD 250 (Euro 215)
  • A Paper-Presenting Student: USD 200 (Euro 170)
  • A Non-Presenting Co-Author Participant: USD 100 (Euro 85)
  • A Non-Author “Guest” sponsored by Presenting Author: USD 75 (Euro 65) [Maximum three guests per author. Additional guests pay regular presenter fees]
  • A Non-Author “Observer” not sponsored by Presenting Author: USD 250
  • A Non-presenting Student Participant: USD 100
These fees will cover the conference welcoming reception, lunch, dinner and cultural activity. Conference fees can be paid online by credit card only after an acceptance notification has been received by authors.

Conference Organization

Conference Organizers 2019

  • Sharon V. Thach (Conference Chair), Business Administration, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN, USA [ibec@tnstate.edu]
  • Carlos Trejo-Pech (Conference Chair Emeritus), Agricultural & Resource Economics Department, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN, USA [ctrejope@utk.edu] and Universidad Panamericana at Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • John Manley (Chair Emeritus and Treasurer), Iona College, New York, USA [jmanley@iona.edu]
  • Tomás Kincl (Chair of Proceedings and Webmaster), University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic [kincl.tomas@gmail.com]
  • Jay Kang (Senior Executive Emeritus), San Francisco State University, USA [jkang@sfsu.edu]
Host Institution Committee
IBEC Directors (in alphabetic order according to last names):
  • Fang, Jianing, Associate Professor of Accounting, School of Management at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA [jianing.fang@marist.edu]
  • Heiman, Bruce, Associate Professor of International Business, College of Business, San Francisco State University, CA, USA [bheiman@sfsu.edu]
  • Manley, Robert, Professor. Retired. NY, USA [rjmanley@optonline.net]
  • Shetty, Anand, Professor and Chair of Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies, Hagan School of Business, Iona College, New Rochelle, New York, USA [ashetty@iona.edu]
  • Strach, Pavel, Professor, SKODA AUTO University, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic [pavel.strach@savs.cz]
  • Thach, Sharon V., Professor of International Marketing, College of Business Administration, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN, USA [sthach@tnstate.edu]
  • Trejo-Pech, Carlos, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural and Resource Economics Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA ctrejope@utk.edu[ctrejope@utk.edu]

Details of Activities & Relevant Dates

  • Monday, January 7: Executive Board Meetings, registration 4-6
  • Tuesday, January 8: Workshop, Registration, Welcome reception at 6:30
  • Wednesday, January 9: Conferences Sessions, Awards Meal
  • Thursday, January 10: Conferences Sessions, Awards Meal Membership Meeting
  • Early Decision Submission Deadline: July 15, 2018 (Decision by Sept. 15)
  • Submission Deadline: August 15, 2018
  • Decision notifications sent to authors: By October 30th.
  • Conference Fee Payment Deadline: November 15th. Options for conference fees payments: a) online by using credit card, b) wire transfer, or c) check. Details on the conference website.

More informations

> Check conference website for further information, including editorial board, social media and schedule updates : http://www.ibec-info.org/2019/
> Download : Call for proposals [pdf]